West African drummer Zorkie Nelson comes from a long line of Ghanaian master drummers. He was a founding member of the Pan-African Orchestra (PAO) which toured the US, Canada, France, and the UK for 10 years. Now based in upstate New York, Zorkie also lead his own group, Gballoi, and was a member of Yacub Addy’s Ghanaian ensemble Odadaa!, which toured with Wynton Marsalis. Newly formed as Zorkie Nelson African Drummers, Zorkie conducts workshops and classes for school and community groups throughout the Capital District, and plays as a drummer, vocalist, and flute player in the eclectic jazz fusion group HEARD. 

For more information about HEARD ensemble, go to: http://www.heardmusic.net

For the Gballoi Myspace page pics and videos, go to: https://myspace.com/gballoi 

Zorkie Nelson African Drummers